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The Ascent Digital Platform Expands: SBA Introduces Course in Government Contracting to Online Digital Learning Platform

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The digital tool now provides women-owned small businesses resources to compete and succeed in the federal marketplace.

Today, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) announced the launch of Journey 6 of the Ascent e-learning platform focused on educating women business owners about venturing into government contracting to help expand their businesses. The Government Contracting Journey 6 identifies opportunities and prepares businesses to pursue those prospects. The new journey has six components or excursions:

  • Government As Your Customers – helps the user understand government as a customer.
  • Government Contracting Opportunities – evaluates contracting opportunities with local, state, and federal governments.
  • Government Subcontracting Opportunities – helps to identify subcontracting opportunities.
  • Set-Aside Certifications – guides the business through what is needed to plan and pursue federal government contracting certifications.
  • Federal Solicitations – analyzes the components of the federal solicitation process
  • General Services Administration (GSA) Contracts – analyzes opportunities for GSA contracts.

Visit and register for your free access today

Be prepared for the transition from the DUNS Number to the Unique Entity ID (SAM)


By April 4, 2022, the federal government will transition away from the use of the DUNS Number and toward the new Unique Entity ID as the primary means of entity identification for federal awards government-wide. Find out more.

SBA Recognizes Top 10 Surety Companies and Agencies of FY 21

SBA Surety Bond Guarantee Program

The U.S. Small Business Administration announced its most active surety companies and agencies for fiscal year (FY) 2021. As part of this announcement, American Contractors Indemnity Company, Calif. and U. S. Specialty Insurance Company, Calif. were named the top-performing surety partners. Preferred Bonding & Insurance Services, Calif, The Bond Exchange & Insurance Agency, Calif, Valley Surety Insurance Agency, Calif. were named the top-performing bond agencies. 

In FY 2021, the SBA’s guaranteed bid and final bonds totaled more than $6.8 billion in overall contract value. With the work of the SBA’s top-performing surety partners and bond agencies, over 1,600 small businesses were assisted, and over 34,000 jobs were supported.

Read the complete announcement to learn more and see the complete list of 2021’s top SBA bonding agents and surety partners. 

About SBA Surety Bond Guarantee Program

Surety bonds help small businesses win contracts by providing the customer with a guarantee that the work will be completed. Many public and private contracts require surety bonds, which are offered by surety companies. SBA’s guarantee allows small businesses to obtain contract bid, performance, payment and maintenance bonds not available elsewhere with reasonable terms.

Learn more about SBA Surety Bond Guarantee Program and find a surety company near you



Government contracting

Finding Government Contracting Opportunities

As they pivot in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many small businesses are looking for new markets. The US government is the LARGEST single purchaser of goods and services in the world. Now is the perfect time to explore federal contracting.

Benefits of government contracting, how it works, the SBA’s role in contracting, and more you can find in our Contracting Guide here.

If you are looking to identify Federal prime contractors, below you can see the ways to do your research:

Federal business opportunities for contractors are listed at utilized by all Federal agencies for solicitations over $25K

  • Look for set-aside contracts for which your firm qualifies​
  • Respond to Sources Sought and Pre-Solicitations​


FedConnect: utilized by DOE, DHS, HUD, DOI, EPA, SBA, & SSA

For Smaller Requirements:​ Visit Acquisition Central’s Business Zone for Federal agency small business information, business opportunities & contracting forecasts,


Benefits of government contracting

The government wants to buy from small businesses for several reasons, including:

  • To ensure that large businesses don’t “muscle out” small businesses
  • To gain access to the new ideas that small businesses provide
  • To support small businesses as engines of economic development and job creation
  • To offer opportunities to disadvantaged socio-economic groups

Contracting Guide – Start Here

How to Do Business with the Federal Government

Government Contracting

As a business owner, do you want to sell your products and services to the Federal government?

Each year, the Federal Government awards about 10% of all Federal contract dollars, or roughly $50 billion in contracts, to Small Disadvantaged Businesses (SDB). To be recognized as an SDB by the Federal Government, you must register your business with the federal government. You can do this online.

Getting recognized by the state of CA as a Small Disadvantaged Business is different than with the Federal Government. The state of CA recognition/certification is called the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) certification. You can do this online.

If you seek help with s Federal Government contracting or state of CA government contracting, including registrations and certifications, please contact the SBA’s local approved service-providers (see below).

  1. California Capital Financial Development Corporation 
  2. Monterey Bay Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) 
  3. Norcal PTAC

Program Benefits

Contact us:

  • For questions on the WOSB Federal Contracting Program, email
  • Technical help requests for can be submitted here, via the “help” tab:

Contracting assistance programs

The SBA provides several programs to help small businesses win federal contracts. Participating in these programs helps small businesses:

  • Win a fair share of federal contracts
  • Qualify for exclusive set-aside and sole-source contracts
  • Partner with established contractors to win contracts
  • Get business mentoring and education to learn how federal contracting works



Upcoming Training

The training events listed below are being offered by SBA, SBA resource partners, and other organizations working to help you build your business by selling to the government.

SBA’s participation or support is not an endorsement of any product, service, or entity.

Resources and Tools

8a tile

8a-business development program Register your business in the SAM
Application Tips for Success Guide Apply for 8(a) certification
Certify Knowledge Base Technical assistance



Get the help you need

  • SBA Learning Center
    The SBA offers free online courses to help small businesses understand government contracting. You can find these video classes in the SBA Learning Center.
  • Procurement Technical Assistance Centers
    Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTACs) help small businesses that are interested in government contracting. PTACs can help you determine if your business is ready for government contracting, register in the proper databases, find and bid on contracts, and more.
    SCORE is a nonprofit association of thousands of volunteer business counselors around the country who educate small business owners. SCORE provides free in-person and online counseling, as well as educational workshops.
  • Small Business Development Centers
    Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) offer free, one-on-one counseling and low-cost training services. Business owners can go to SBDCs for help with procurement and contracting, market research, 8(a) program support, and more.

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