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Introduction to Government Contracting  –  March 1  1pm

Are you looking to get ahead in government contracting and get that big contract? Each year, the government awards billions of dollars in federal contracts to businesses to meet the needs of government agencies. It buys everything from pencils to construction services to aircraft. There are also State and Local government contracts available for local businesses looking to get started in contracting. The question most businesses ask is how do I get started to search for these opportunities and start doing business with the government. If you are considering joining the world of government contracting, there’s a lot of information to know. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, but the goal of this webinar is to simplify the process to help you get started.

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The Top 10 Challenges of Leaders Today  –  March 1  6pm

100 people were surveyed and asked one question….”What is TODAY’s #1 Challenge of Leaders ?”

Coach Michael Krumpak of L4Learning Solutions ( reveals the results of his conversations with 100 people. Learn what today’s Top Leader Challenges are AND what you can do to make these challenges become a core strength.

  1. LEARN: Learn the Top 10 Challenges of Leaders Today.
  2. DO: Collaborate with other leaders to discuss how these challenges play out. Engage in polls and interactive discussions, hearing from others on how they are addressing these core challenges in today’s unique climate.
  3. GET: A Summary of the Top Challenges and ways in which you can tackle and overcome today’s top leadership challenges.

The Top 10 Challenges of Leaders Today | SCORE


Essentials for Entrepreneurship Development  –  March 2   6pm 

Entrepreneurship is challenging, but a potentially rewarding experience. This free webinar will provide an overview of the entrepreneurship lifestyle, and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur while maintaining work/life balance. We’ll focus on how to create a brand, articulate the “Why” of your business, and build brand storytelling, starting with your Elevator Pitch and Value-Problem-Solution-Action messaging.

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Seminario sobre Ventas.  ¡Vende más, gana más!   –  March 3  6pm

Seminario sobre Ventas ¡Vende más, gana más! En Español ¡Aumenta tu éxito en ventas con una acción centrada en el cliente! ¿Qué es?: ¡Vende Más Gana más! Es un Seminario Corto, dictado en español, donde conocerás técnicas de inmediata aplicación para fortalecer tu modelo de ventas frente al cliente, donde el participante conocerá las bases de una acción profesional basada en 5 pasos de inmediata aplicación. Duración: 50 minutos Dirigido a: Emprendedores, empresarios y profesionales de las ventas que deseen incrementar su éxito en cada contacto con el cliente.


E-commerce Internacional para Pequeños Empresarios  –  March 5  9:30am

Lo que hace poco tiempo era considerado una práctica solo para empresas globales que contaban con los recursos necesarios para una expansión internacional, ahora se ha convertido en algo vital para que pequeños empresarios puedan prosperar. En este taller compartiremos las bases y herramientas sobre las cuales podrás construir tu estrategia de comercio electrónico internacional. Dentro de los temas que vamos a revisar encontrarás:

  • Introducción al concepto Cross Border / comercio electrónico internacional
  • Ventas y Marketing e-Commerce internacional, comunicación trasnacional
  • ¿Cómo hacer un análisis de mercado de otro país?
  • ¿Cómo diferenciar los diferentes tipos de compradores?
  • Apalancar las redes sociales para alcanzar tu mercado objetivo
  • Identifica las barreras de aduanas
  • Pagos Cross Border, problemática y alternativas
  • Logística Internacional y sus distintos modelos de e-Commerce
  • Desarrollo de proveedores, precios y cantidades

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Stand Out Online With Google’s Tools for Small Business  –  March 7   6pm

This workshop will introduce you to Google’s many tools to help you operate your business. Having an online presence is important to the success of many businesses. Visibility on search sites can lead customers to your business. Google is one of the “go to” places for online searches. Google can also provide significant cloud based infrastructure for small businesses that empowers owners at little or no cost. This workshop will introduce you to Google’s many tools to help you operate your business. Get your business on Google for free. Learn how to be found when people search on Google. Position your business on Google Maps. Build your first website for free. Use Google tools to start a website. View templates that are easy to use.

Stand Out Online With Google’s Tools for Small Business | SCORE


Lo Que Necesita Saber para Iniciar un Negocio – en Español   –  March 8  10am

Si tienes una idea, ahora necesitas saber cómo empezar. Esta clase cubre todos los conceptos básicos que lo ayudarán a comenzar, desde como determinar la viabilidad y las estructuras legales hasta los tipos de licencias que necesitará. La clase será presentada en español.

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Review Your Options, Maybe Start Your Own B’s   –  March 8   12pm

During times like these people often contemplate getting better control of their lives by starting their own business. You can achieve financial independence by owning your own business. Spend some time with us to look under the covers at what running your own business entails.

Review Your Options, Maybe Start Your Own B’s | SCORE


Show Me the Money – Financing Options for your Small Business     –  March 9   11am

This class discusses the multiple sources of capital for starting and growing a small business. The pros and cons of the funding sources are also reviewed. Topics to be discussed include familiar options such as self-financing, funding from friends & family, and partnerships. Other sources are reviewed such as:

  • Small Business Loans
  • SBA Loan Guaranty Program
  • Microloans

Some less conventional financing sources along with their pros and cons are also discussed, including selling equity (shares), venture capital, angel investors, and crowd funding.

Is it business as usual in what could be a post pandemic 2022 and beyond? Or do we need to update our assumptions and our forecasting techniques to accommodate a new reality? This webinar explores those conditions and presents an array of forecasting methodologies to help your business plan for the future.

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Build a Paid Marketing Strategy   – March 9  6pm

Trying to build a strong paid marketing strategy that increases your lead generation and bottom line? Learn the basics of paid advertising through marketing, key platforms to utilize, and tools to build a strategy to grow sales. Learn the advantages of different marketing outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, Google, and Amazon. Hear tips on how to utilize each platform effectively and how to capitalize on paid advertising for sales and lead generation.


  • Budgeting effectively
  • Analytics that matter in paid advertising
  • Building a strong funnel using ads
  • Effective content creation
  • Targeting a specific audience

Building a Paid Marketing Strategy | SCORE

Cómo Monetizar Su Presencia en Las Redes Sociales   –  March 10   11am

Tener negocio propio significa que tiene que aprender estrategias de mercadeo y ventas. Hoy día una de las estrategias más populares es utilizar las redes sociales. Aprenda como crear una estrategia para redes sociales, simple pero efectiva para que pueda darse a conocer, crear una audiencia y obtener clientes.

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Build Your Marketing Mindset Webinar   –  March 10  1pm

Do you need to supercharge your marketing strategy to reach more potential clients? Creating a successful marketing mindset is equally as important as it is to have the right marketing actions in your marketing plan. For any business, having the right mindset can help them see things from a potential client’s point of view and how they should be marketing to current and potential customers. A good marketing mindset not only puts your customer at the center of things, it also helps you develop your sales process. You need to have confidence in both yourself and the products or services you offer. Many business owners underestimate the value of what they offer. In this webinar, you will learn about common marketing mistakes such as where businesses undervalue what they sell and struggle to convey the true value to potential clients. Participants will also learn how to put marketing on center stage for your business to scale properly.

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MS PowerPoint Basic   –  March 12  9:30am

PowerPoint is a component of the Microsoft Office suite, and it can help you create presentations and slide shows. This Microsoft PowerPoint basic tutorial is for beginners or those looking for a refresher. This high level review will cover the basics and will help you learn how to navigate the program in order to create a basic presentation on your own. This step by step review can also be used to practice alongside of the instructor as she navigates through the tabs and tools in real time if you have access to your own version of PowerPoint during the training and a second monitor. All the basics of PowerPoint, such as selecting, adding & formatting new slides, inserting text, pictures, graphs & charts, formatting, transitions & animations will be covered.

MS PowerPoint Basic | SCORE


Federal Government Contracting 101   –  March 24  10am

Ready…set…sell to the federal government! This workshop provides information on registering with the federal government, how to locate federal opportunities, who to market to within the federal government, and so much more!

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