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Hi Everyone,

IRS has announced that IRS Form 4506-C is published and currently available online. As a courtesy, we are providing you with information that IRS recently announced.

We encourage you to sign up for IRS announcements on IRS Form 4506 at this link.

Please direct any questions on IRS Form 4506-C to the IRS at .

Two items were changed from the previously published draft.

  • A typo in the Signature of taxpayer(s) statement was corrected to remove the double entry of the word line.
  • And formatting for the entry field Line 6, Transcript Requested has been corrected to remove the ability to enter a second line.

IRS is extending the deadline for transitioning to the new Form 4506-C. Both versions of the Form 4506-C will be accepted through February 28, 2023. Effective March 1, 2023, the newly published Form 4506-C will be the only form IVES Participants can use.

The new Form 4506-C cannot be edited. IVES Participants will need to ensure their customers fill out the form as they intend it to be processed. Lines 5 through 8 must be complete before the taxpayer signs. The exception to this are the following:

  • Line 5aii, IVES participant ID number
  • Line 5aiii, SOR Mailbox ID
  • Line 5b, Customer File Number
  • Line 5c Unique Identifier (if included)

Please review the June 6, 2022, IRS communication that included additional major form changes and required schema data for form creation. It has been included below for your convenience.

We thank you for your patience as the approval process occurred. Any questions about Form 4506-C updates or extension of the transition to the new form, should be directed to the IVES Participant Assistance email at


Ginger Allen
Chief, 7(a) Loan Policy Division
Office of Financial Assistance
U.S. Small Business Administration
(202) 205-7110

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